Monday, July 29, 2013

Nothing to see here.

Nothing to listen to or watch. Just me. Rambling.

This adventure has dusted off so many buried places in my imagination. Working out muscles I’ve never used before. Seeing things in new lights and different perspectives. Learning what works for me and what doesn’t. Learning….about me. Sounds narcissistic. Yeah, I suppose it is.  

But it’s good and fine and happening.   

Improv has awakened a new and exciting part of me that I never knew existed. My subconscious artist I suppose? It feels like I’m using the truly creative part of my brain. It’s a good feeling. Intoxicating and a bit like jumping from a plane. Musical theatre is just plain exhilarating and uses so many physical skills. Apparently, I can sing. And dance. Simultaneously. Who knew?  Straight theatre is a bit of a mystery and all over the map. There are deep wells of myself I still have yet to tap into concerning that type of acting. Acting on-camera is just plain awkward at this stage of my journey.  

But something keeps me going. I’m not quite sure what it is but it’s not leaving.   

So, to please this inner beast, I’m going to try stand-up comedy. Probably the scariest thing I can think of.   

Yeah, let’s do that.