Thursday, October 5, 2017

UC Berkeley Student Film

December, 2016

My first IMDB credit! I played Celia in this student film for UC Berkeley.


The film centers around themes of addiction, theft and deception through the main character Carter Andrews. At the core of her identity are contending characteristics that blur her ability to make moral judgement calls. Carter decides to steal a sentimental item from her childhood with the help of Jason, hoping that it would fill in the void. The events that unfold leave us to question to true nature of the two addicts. 

UC Berkeley Student Film - "Surprise"

December, 2016

I played a great role as a daughter this time!

The Groundlings!

The Groundlings in Los Angeles!

I auditioned and passed to begin taking the Core Track for professional actors. I have passed the Basic level and am now working on the Intermediate level.

Student Film - Art Academy University

December, 2016
I played a mom in my first student film project at Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Picasso at the Lapine Agile - Steve Martin

Image result for picasso at the lapin agile pegasus
November, 2016
I played Germaine in Steve Martin's Picasso at the Lapine Agile.

Update VO for repeat client

Updated voiceover for Clarke TV commercial. Dan Small Productions

ILF Media - Voiceover for Pittsburgh Technical Institute

Narration Voiceover for ILF Media

Narration Voiceover for hatch Films

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Adrenaline Voiceover
Narration VO for hatch Films. Adrenaline money management video

Applause Weight Loss App


My first agency booking. I play a cat(or fox?) with flaming hair and tail.

2015 Signed with Tonry Talent in San Francisco

January, 2015

I signed with Mary Tonry from Tonry Talent in San Francisco. Contact: (415)543-3797

Home VO Studio Rental

May, 2014. Tina DiCicco - illustrator, designer and writer rented my home studio to record a voiceover for one of her projects.